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November PAD Challenge, Day 10


Ladybugs in November

Closeup of ladybird on green grass

They shelter indoors, break in through

uncaulked cracks in windows, searching

of a warm place for their last days.

At first, these tiny prowlers crawl along crown

molding or buzz against the rim

of the pendant light in the dining room.

Sometimes I glimpse them in mid-flight,

spotted domes spread, thin brown wings

soaring on the last heated air of the season.

Soon they’ll appear at eye level, teetering

along bathroom walls and mirrors in haphazard

circles like the town drunk you can’t send home.

When the nights dip toward freezing, I pretend

not to see them clinging to the back splash

or creeping below on vanity doors, bright

against the stark white of cabinets.

Why must I gather upturned bodies,

return their abandoned shells to dust?


~ Pamela Taylor © 2013

Author: poetsdoublelife

Poet and strategy/data guru living in Massachusetts.

5 thoughts on “November PAD Challenge, Day 10

  1. Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration! Keep em coming ;-). I have ladybugs too. I’m feeling very Buddhist and letting them slowly take over my bathroom.

  2. Did I witness the genesis of this poet yesterday at the Poetry Book club?

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