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For poets working outside the literary world.

About the Poet

Pamela Taylor is a strategy/data guru by day and a poet by night. She has a doctorate in social psychology from UCLA, a MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and is a Cave Canem Fellow. When she is not working or writing, she’s dancing Argentine tango in the Boston area. Pamela’s first chapbook of poetry, My Mother’s Child, was published by Hyacinth Girl Press in June 2015.

PT June 2015

Recent Work

“The Last Good Moment,” “One Degree,” and “At the Tian Tan Buddha” – The Adirondack Review

“How to Get Emotional Distance When Voodoo Is Not an Option,” “The Atlantic Ocean Recalls the Middle Passage,” and “To Adam, From Eve” – Atlas + Alice


Visit my YouTube channel for videos of poetry and other readings.

Other Publications

The Truth about Fire” – Pedestal Magazine

Fan Letter to Spider-Man” – Backbone Press

Professional Disagreement” – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

“Twenty Questions for Black Professionals” – Sou’wester

“Transit of Venus” – Second Place, 2013  Carolina Woman Writing Contest

“Sighting: Mother, “There’s a Graveyard in My Belly,” “Tuesday Morning Rain” – Blackberry

In Autumn While You Lay Dying” & “At Night I Dream of Trains” – When Women Waken (Grief Issue)

To Earth, From Mars” – Construction Literary Magazine

“Experiment in Settling,” “To the Woman Who Called at 7:15 AM to Break Up with Her Man,” & “Calling It a Day” – LunaLuna Magazine

Instinct” – When Women Waken (Knowing Issue) – June 2014

26 thoughts on “About the Poet

  1. Dear Pamela: Welcome to the blogoshpere where introverts can hang themselves out there! It gets easier with practice. Your poems ar terrific. Stuart

  2. Hi Pamela, I”ve nominated you for an award! Love your blog!

  3. Dear Pamela:

    I really enjoyed your poem in the Pedestal Magazine. We would love to have you submit work to be published in Construction. If you are interested in submitting, you can feel free to send your work directly to me (julia (at) constructionlitmag (dot) come). I look forward to reading more of your poems.


    Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
    Poetry Editor
    Construction magazine

  4. Congratulations, Pamela. The reputation is spreading! Exciting.

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  6. I’ve just started reading you. Very, very good.

  7. “A Poet’s Double Life” added to my recommended sites list today. A few more smart readers I hope.

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  9. “We forget how cold it is/high above the clouds.”

    Great line, Pam. Really enjoyed the piece in Pedestal!


  10. “We forget how cold it is/high above the clouds.”

    Great line, Pam. Loved the piece in Pedestal!

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  14. Hi, Pamela.
    I’ve started a series of Poet Spotlights on my blog. Since I’m enjoying your lovely book, My Mother’s Child, and since April is National Poetry Month, I would like to interview you for a Spotlight. I couldn’t find your email, so please email me at andreablythe at hotmail dot com, if you’re interested.

    You can see some of the past interview here: http://www.andreablythe.com/spotlights/

    Thanks! Andrea

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  18. I am trying to find the sculpture that was in charotte that was blue and greens. The grand bohemian hotel is being built where it was. Do you know where this has been moved to.

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