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iPhone Poetry


Every once in a while I forget my journal or a pen or I don’t have room in that cute purse that goes with the tango dress to fit paper and pen. But I always have my iPhone. Recently, I scrolled through the Notes app and found dozens of poem first drafts, book quotes, as well as lines and phrases that might one day find their way into a poem. I’m sharing a few here:

Author: poetsdoublelife

Poet and strategy/data guru living in Massachusetts.

4 thoughts on “iPhone Poetry

  1. Funny, when I was sitting next to you at the open mic last night I had so many ideas for poems, but I had just switched to a smaller purse and didn’t have my Moleskine. When I opened the Notepad on my phone, I found poem ideas from 2 years ago that I had forgotten about!

  2. Thanks for the idea…I tried this on my ipod notes. It was fun!

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